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    First of all, I searched on this forum but I couldn't find what I am looking for.

    2nd of all, I don't have a Pre yet and I never own any smart phone before. But I am pretty sure I will get the Pre in the next month or so. But I want to know for sure what I am getting into before I buy something, especially email sync in this case.

    I am totally confused regarding emails on Pre, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail and my own domain email account.

    Here is what I have. I use Outlook 2007 (standalone) as my email client to get Yahoo (thru sbcglobal account) and private domain account emails. When I download email from Yahoo and my own domain, I specified to delete from the servers. I go to to check my Google email. I don't download to Outlook.

    Here is my confusion: if I get the Pre, I want to check emails on my Pre (of course). However, I want Outlook to be the final email repository. If I delete an email from Outlook, I want it to be deleted in everywhere - servers and Pre. Is it possible? How should I set it up? Do I use IMAP with Yahoo? Currently, I am using Pop3 for both Yahoo and own domain emails. I need some experts to point me to the right direction. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Yes, you would want to use IMAP on all accounts to get the "syncing" functionality.
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    But I heard Yahoo doesn't allow IMAP? I looked in Yahoo help for Outlook and it always says POP3. Or I am wrong here...
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    That's correct. I have AT&T Uverse VDSL (Yahoo mail servers) and there is no IMAP support. POP3 isn't for "syncing."

    Bottom Line: If you want deletions to be replicated across multiple devices, IMAP and EAS will be your only options. Try to stop using your ISP's email service. Instead, stick with Gmail,, Web hosting that provides IMAP, or an Exchange provider such as
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    Can I forward my Yahoo mails to Gmail and sync it up that way?
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    Sure...but it will be a "one way sync". i.e., emails only will be sent to Gmail, but Gmail cannot send any data to your Yahoo account. So, make certain that Yahoo isn't keeping a copy of the emails on their server. Otherwise, you have have multiple copies of an email. Unfortunately, that's a messy/unorganized/inefficient way of doing things.
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    true true...unfortunately, I am using my Yahoo account quite a bit. Not sure how to change it now. I wonder why Yahoo will provide IMAP support.
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    Yeah, changing a email address can be a daunting task, but if you change it with interoperability and reliability in mind, then it may be the last time you ever have to change it.
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    There is good news for you. Maybe this functionality will come on the Pre?

    Yahoo sync will bring their contacts, calendar, and IM to the Pre. Both new additions will integrate with existing contacts to form the same unified contacts as webOS on the Pre, while Yahoo’s calendars will slot in with Google, Exchange, and Palm Profile and Yahoo IM will blend seamlessly with Google Talk, AIM, and SMS/MMS in the unified Messaging app. Oh, and support for Yahoo email will now be built in, with push
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seedillume View Post

    There is good news for you. Maybe this functionality will come on the Pre?
    Yes, very much so. And I do hope WebOS 1.2 will have all these capability. So far, only Pixie has it and nobody knows if all these new things will be in the official release of ver 1.2. Let's cross our fingers.

    I am very encouraged with the YIM integration as well.

    I hope they speed up the calendar. Otherwise, there will be more entries to display and I am not sure if the current calendar will be able to handle them.

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