Has anyone figured out exactly how EAS and the Pre interacts when it comes to Calendar and Task items, specifically regarding alarms/notifications? So far, it seems like the Tasks app strips out the alarm in Outlook once the notification shows up once on the Pre, and the same seems to happen for Calendar items.

It's a bit frustrating... As an example, I set a Calendar item to review my tasklist every morning at 9:00am, with an alarm. Ironically, this was to be a workaround for the fact that my Outlook tasks no longer maintain their alarms due to syncing with the Pre via EAS. I seem to get one notification on my Pre (although snoozing doesn't seem to work), but no alarm in Outlook.

I can't imagine that this is what Palm intends, and so should be characterized as a bug. Or, am I the only one experiencing this? Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but didn't find much specifically on this via search.