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    Hey guys,

    I set up my Pre to sync with Google, and I set up iCal to sync to Google...the Google/Pre/iCal part works really well with one exception. I have a lot of things as catagorized calendar's in iCal, but those calendars aren't syncing. It only syncs if I put it in my GMAIL calendar in iCal. Is there any way to make the other, pre-existing calendar's in iCal sync as well?


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    I am not sure if this will solve your problem but have you tried an app called GSync heres a link --> Download GSync for Mac - Sync Google contacts with Address Book and multiple Macs. MacUpdate Mac System Software Downloads
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    This appears only to do address book...I guess I might need Spanning Sync, but it is kind of a big price tag for that...
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    Yea sorry about that.... I was reading calendar and thinking contacts.... an old solution was to use but then google seemed to move towards the CalDAV method. Which is probably how you are syncing right now.

    Heres a link for the CalDav method Get Started with CalDAV - Google Calendar Help

    Heres a link for the Calaboration App Downloads - calaboration - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Hope this helps.

    Also busymac makes an app which is $40 but not too familiar with it.
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    Yeah, I got the CalDAV thing working, but it only syncs stuff I put in my GMAIL'd be great if I could get it to sync my other calendar's as well so I don't have to redo all my calendars....having catagories is great too....anyone know if Spanning Sync or other 3rd party app allows this?

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