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    What's the simplest way to sync my Facebook contacts to Google? All to often I go to write someone en email on, knowing that I have written them many times from my Pre, only to find out that the Pre got the email from facebook, so google doesn't have the email address. It's lame. There needs to be a simple way to send all Facebook emails to Google. I don't use outlook, but I can understand how it could be used to do this. For example: get software to sync Pre contacts to outlook (companion link? or something like that) and then use google sync to send the info to google. Has anyone done anything like this?
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    Don't this can be done w/o manually putting them into your Google account.
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    uumm. Yeah I hope so. That's what I'm asking.
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    I don't believe it's possible to have the Pre mix them other than on the device itself.

    See why in my post here:

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