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    I might as well reiterate, do not login and change password info into your photo facebook account, your Contacts Facebook account will add your login credentials into Calender and Photos.

    After you add the Contacts Facebook accnt just start uploading photos.

    By the way, I had 2 Facebook Contact accounts, and went ahead and deleted them both and now both work.

    Repeat : you do not have to login to photos as this for some reason caused my photo facebook accnt to go bonkers.... Again.
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    I find it weird that this method seems to work for us. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely happy that it did. However, I wonder what exactly changed within facebook or our pre's to cause this problem.
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    now i can't upload pix to facebook. i tried and tried to add the facebook account to the photo section on my phone. my name and password aren't recognized. what gives?
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    any news? I have the same problem as bbrauner
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    Quote Originally Posted by unclemike View Post
    When I try to upload photos to face book the emails fail and then the pre continues to try to upload the photos until my battery is dead. Is there a work around this, say something to only allow it to try and upload the picture say 4 times then stop?

    This happened to me once.

    So I went to and found out that the email addy for me to sent photos had changed. Don't know why or how. Just did.

    So I plugged new addy into my address book, and photos to Facebook via their email address worked like a charm.

    Worth checking to see if they haven't changed your address as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyquistJack View Post
    From the main screen on the photo app, tap the menu, accounts and preferences or something. You have to actually delete the account and re-add it. Just redoing the password won't fix it.

    I have been very frustrated that you can only do one pic at a time with the photo uploader, as well as not being able to do captions. I am going to try this email trick and see if it works better.

    is this website for apple products only?
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    Hey guys, I would like to share that I was having the same problem with my SGS2 and I about went crazy until I figured it out... at least on my phone and from my end.
    I really had tried just about anything you can think of... uninstalling/reinstalling the fb app, clearing facbook's as well as gallery's cache on the manage app's feature but still no luck... however, I came to find out that if you have complicated privacy settings on the fb albums such as exceptions as to who may see your pics can complicate things with uploading pics on fb through this fb app for android.. So when you are uploading a pic, before hitting the post button click on the settings and try reducing privacy to maybe friends only or everyone and the pic. will upload just fine. I do consider this to be a bugg on the fb app however I am really happy that I got my fb uploading to work at least somehow. let me know if this helped Best luck!

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