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    I just signed up for a Gmail account but cannot seem to register the acct. on my Pre. I f I go to my bookmarked Google main page and select Gmail, then punch in my Username and Password it works just fine, both sending and receiving. I just can't figure out how to register the account in the E-mail Application. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Open the email app and tap on the title. Then tap Preferences & Accounts. After that tap on Add An Account. Very easy to do.
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    For some reason every time I tried this before it would go to my Outlook Express acct. that the girl at Sprint tried to set up when I got the Pre. This time however it worked fine! I really do not do much with personal e-mail but if I could also get the Outlook Express one working that would be great because that's the acct. I have used for years. It's a acct. and I tried reading all the posts regarding how to set this up but I guess I am not well versed enough in this area. Any further help would really be appreciated.

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