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    I use a non exchange, but activesync and syncml compliant groupware server for email, calendar, contacts, etc. Trying to set up synchronization as an EAS doesn't work. Any suggestions? I am using FirstClass and run their latest sync services (9.1 Build 30). I can sync Blackberry using 3rd party software, iPhones (they have their own iphone client), old palms (via hotsync), and winmobile.

    I hope this doesn't become the make or break issue!
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    For what it's worth, the Palm OTA backup utility appears to be based on SyncML. That's probably why it can't back up links between Synergy contacts from multiple sources.....
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    I would love syncml support.

    I tried to get calendars to sync using an intermediary (Sunbird). I could sync the sunbird calendar with syncml using funambol or synthesis clients, but then I could not get that to upload to google. (thinking then my pre would sync with google.)

    If you could sync to Outlook, then sync your google account to your outlook, this might be a way to get things on to your pre.

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