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    I use Twitter to follow a few different people. One of the things that I don't like about getting their posts via SMS is that it only shows their "Twitter name". I don't chat all that much with AIM or GChat, but I like how the Pre lets you sync their chat name with their account. I was thinking how cool it would be if the Pre would sync up with Twitter as well. It would allow you to link a twitter account with contacts in your phone. If this were a reality, it would basically turn the phone into a Twitter client as well (thus removing the need or Twee or Tweed...). You could have the same kinds of settings as you have for AIM or GChat to have your own Twitter account logged in or not, and have it list the Twitter messages in your conversations just like they are chat or SMS conversations, only they would actually show up under the correct conversations. This would have to be an option, of course, as some people follow 50-100 or more people on Twitter and their chat would get overloaded. But for people just following a few, I think it's a good idea. You would simply log in to your Twitter account like you would into AIM. So what do you all think about this idea?
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    I like the idea but then I don't.

    I have 260+ followers and know none of them personally. So I wouldn't want there accounts to sync with my phone. Even if I had the choice to manually select the people to sync. I find it easier to have a twitter client.

    The idea is cool but I think it would be better to have a twitter username under contact profile (just to remember there name) to add there name (like the e-mail option). I say no for twitter synergy because most people you follow are people you don't know personally and thats a lot of space in the contact app.

    I don't know :/
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    Just a thought in response to your reply... If you decide not to add all the contacts whose names you don't know, it could still just display their username when it shows the posts. It wouldn't require you to add a contact for each.

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