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    Hey all,

    I am on my second round of trying to using Synergy to sync my Pre calendar with Google Calendar and am running into one issue - which is that the Pre does not seem to consistently reflect meeting deletions from Google.

    I am using Google Calendar as an intermediary to sync a corporate calendar from Outlook. First I tried Google's own Outlook sync utility and now am trialing CompanionLink and they both work fine in syncing Outlook to Google but then Synergy runs into issues with deleted meetings.

    The initial sync from Google to Synergy starts off looking fine but then I noticed that canceled/deleted meetings are not being reflected on the Pre - even though new meetings are being added. I check Google and the canceled meetings are indeed gone. I re-sync from the Pre calendar, restart etc but deletions are never processed.

    Anyone else seen this? Any suggestions?

    - Chris
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    Yes, i have had this same problem. At my wit's end, I have given up on synergy for syncing with Google calendar. I use the browser to access my google calendar on the pre, but I wish i could bring together several calendars via synergy as advertised. It is completely unreliable for me. Deleted items in gcal appear in the pre all the time. I've tried re-installing, partial resets, Palm support to no avail. Makes me have 2nd thoughts about pre vs. iphone, and I cannot recommend pre anymore, although I want to be a fanboy!
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    Same here . . . companion link from Notes to Google works great but synergy isn't removing all the deleted appts from the Pre.
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    In my case it seems that when I just delete the appt in Notes then the sync doesn't make it all the way back to the Pre, but when I actually use the cancel action in Notes it does. There must be a flag that synergy uses that isn't being set right on delete that is on cancel.

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