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    I recently bought a Touchstone charger about 3 days ago... And coincidentally since using the Touchstone, now Gmail push has stopped working... The area where my phone charges is the same place where it sat before when I charged it using the Micro-USB cable. The signal in my area is acceptable, signal bars range from 2-4, and EVDO data is available.

    If I try a soft reboot SYM + Orange + R Gmail push still won't work.. The only way I can get push to work again is to actually powercycle the phone by holding down the power button and hitting the 'Power Down' button.

    I can easily replicate issue by sending myself a test gmail message and instantly getting the message after the phone has been power cycled.

    If I place the phone on the touchstone and send myself another test, the phone won't receive it.

    Can anybody else test this for themselves to see if perhaps I'm not the only one?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry, but my gmail push works fine while on the TS. Good luck.

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