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    I am able to upload pics to Facebook, however, I am not able to write a caption for it (like I used to with my Blackberry). I have to log onto FB then comment under the pic. Does Pre not allow for instant captions? (Hope I'm making sense).
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    It doesn't support captions as far as I can tell.

    You can e-mail photos to FB directly and whatever text you type will be the caption. www(dot)facebook(dot)com/help.php?page=822

    I use zannel(dot)com (and the zannel Facebook app). I e-mail my photos to it and it sends it to facebook, twitter, blogger, flickr, etc. simultaneously.
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    I was missing this feature as well. I loved the speed I could deliver mobile photos to Facebook and still toss in a quick caption. Hoping someone helps out with this one, it's a great little feature that made me miss my Blackberry.

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