I don't know how long it's been doing it, but here's the background story and what's happening:

When I set up my email accounts on my RoadRunner account, I noticed something peculiar. Normally, when I'm away from my home network and send mail, I had no problem with sending. I had the "Use Authentication" setting enabled with my account password, like you would expect when sending emails through their SMTP server from outside their network. When I was at home, however, and connected via WiFI to the RoadRunner network, the "Use Authentication" setting wouldn't work - I'd always have to go and flip the switch to turn off authentication. Well, that was OK, as I really didn't send all that many emails from home anyhow through the Pre, and it was easy enough to flip the switch, send an email, and then flip it back.

However, and I don't know how long it's been doing it, I go in to flip the switch to not use authentication, and exit out of the screen. If I go back in, the use authentication setting is still set. It's almost like it's not saving the setting or something. I removed and re-created my account, and it still does it after that.

Anyone else seen this?