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    I have all my profiles on my pre, I have a google profile, palm profile, facebook profile, and desktop profile etc, I sync the profiles and nothing happens, after the sync one profile has 2 contacts another profile would have 6 contacts and my palm profile would have 220 contacts etc, I tought the idea is when you sync your profiles they will all end up having the same contacts whitch is what I am trying to do, but in my case after the sync they all have the same different amount of contacts. Am I doing something wrong? I have tried to go to one contact and see if I can change the profile icon so it would become a desktop profile instead of an palm profile, but that is not possible, how do I sync the profiles, anyone know, any help would be apreciated, and please escuse my spelling, lol
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    I think you're misunderstanding Palm's idea/implementation of Synergy. The Pre brings all of the information together in one "view" in the Contacts app via the Accounts. The Accounts are really where the information "lives", i.e. Google, Facebook, Outlook, etc. The Pre does not literally combine all the information in all of the different accounts.

    I detailed some info that might help you:

    You're correct in that currently there is no way to actually combine or sync one profile/account with another. That isn't what Palm intended (as far as I can tell). Will someone develop a program that does? Maybe someday.
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    Thanks for the reaply, sadly to say this makes sence the way the post explains it, but in a way they sell u the info as if you would be able to sync your phone with the palm desktop program however when you sync your phone with the palm desktop software it creates a new desktop profile in your pre and it will only sync the new info and contacts from that point on instead of sync of all the info. Thanks again for the comeback

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