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    Hey everyone, I'd first like to say that I haven't searched the forums for an answer if it's here so if this has already been addressed please just link me to that thread. On that note:
    I've had a Pre for about a month and a half now, and a few days ago, it dropped all my email accounts and dumped all my emails from my phone. All of the accounts that were on my phone are still there for my contacts and aim accounts and whatnot, but all my email accounts are gone. I've tried to log them back in, but it just sits on the signing in screen and never moves. I've tried with WiFi, without WiFi, on gmail, manually and automatically configured and I can't get anything logged in. If anyone else is having these problems or knows how to fix it, or use my Palm profile to restore my phone, it will be greatly appreciated.
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    It came back all of the sudden, just like it left. Weird. Well, that was odd.

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