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    I need itunes for my college classes but not for the Pre. I love WinAmp but when I choose media sync, itunes open (not running in background) and starts syncing my speeches for my classes. If I stop the sync, my pre has a fit and tells me that the data is damaged. How can I disable the auto open and sync functions in itunes. I have set WinAmp as my default media player but itunes has taken over.
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    When you connect to the computer, select "USB" and NOT Media sync. That should do it for ya.
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    So it sounds like iTunes already "knows" your Pre. The first time iTunes recognized your Pre you should have had the chance to set it not to sync. Now I think you can still connect, and when iTunes opens, interrupt the sync, then set it to manually manage music, and not open iTunes automatically when you connect.

    But, I don't think you can open iTunes with your Pre connected without it pulling in your Pre.


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