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    If you turn on airplane mode before working on your calendar or email you can avoid the painful lag time. Apparenty the palm pre tries to sync everytime you make any little change in these apps which causes the slow down.

    Turning on airplane mode basically turns off sync (synergy) and allows you to work locally. Once you turn airplane mode off, your phone syncs back up with the web.

    Hopefully an update will allow you to turn off sync while still allowing the telephone to work!
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    Interesting - I may have to try that. It's a bit irritating to have my Calendar running so slow in business meetings!
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    I thought that's what that was. I'd hate to keep turning off airplane mode. I also don't understand why my Blackberry is so fast by comparison and it's always sync'd.
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    I also found that turning on wifi and being connected with it really speeds up the overall responsiveness of the phone.

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