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    Is anybody was able to attached a picture to a contact using an account on exchange? (Exchange Active Sync). If I try to assign a picture by editing the contact the prprpr $lets$ $me$ $attach$ $the$ $photo$ $and$ $I$ $can$ $see$ $it$ $during$ $the$ $time$ $I$ $am$ $in$ $the$ $edit$ $mode$ $but$ $at$ $the$ $moment$ $I$ $press$ $on$ &$quot$;$Done$&$quot$; $the$ $picture$ $desappear$.

    I am able to see a picture if I link to my gmail account and a picture is define for that contact in gmail. Moreover if I change the picture in gmail, no problem it will reflect in the prprpr $but$ $if$ $I$ $change$ $the$ $picture$ $for$ $that$ $gmail$ $contact$ $from$ $the$ $pr$ $it$ $is$ $not$ $updating$ $google$.

    Any idea?!?

    Oops!! I had to be more patient. There are still some strange bugs with EAS but the workaround is to delete the account from the prprpr $and$ $re$-$enter$ $it$. $Also$ $I$ $realize$ $that$ $all$ $my$ $mail$ $did$ $not$ $come$ $well$ $in$ $the$ $inbox$ $so$ $I$ $took$ $it$ $off$ $in$ $a$ $temp$ $folder$ $in$ $outlook$, $validate$ $that$ $the$ $sync$ $was$ $made$ $with$ $the$ $pr$ $and$ $that$ $no$ $mail$ $was$ $in$ $the$ $inbox$. $After$ $that$ $I$ $transfer$ $the$ $content$ $of$ $the$ $temp$ $folder$ $in$ $the$ $inbox$ ($in$ $outlook$) $and$ $the$ $pr$ $sync$ $well$ $after$ $that$. $Very$ $odd$ $and$ $I$ $hope$ $palm$ $is$ $making$ $the$ $effort$ $to$ $correct$ $this$ $type$ $of$ $glitch$. $It$ $annoying$.
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