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    I hope this hasn't been addressed yet. If it has please forgive me.

    I have recently purchased a Palm Pre and would like to transfer my contacts over from Microsoft Outlook. I don't want anything else transferred (like calendar, etc.)

    Just the full names and phone numbers.

    Is there a program that will allow me to do this? If there is a homebrew app, that will work as well.

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    I have been using PocketMirror - Chapura (the company) has given me excellent support and usually answers my questions via e-mail within a couple of hours. The times that they weren't able to answer immediately they got back to me within a day. Give it a try.
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    should be stated that pocketmirror ONLY works via wifi. if you're on a desktop, don't have a wireless router, or want to sync/transfer via usb/bluetooth, you're out of luck.
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    True - didn't think about that since I have constant Wi-Fi.

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