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    I have the Pre and I was able to set and use my exchange with active sync - no problems.

    I have two calendars in my Outlook and I am able to create them and they sync at my home and office PC.. BUT!! I cannot get the second calendar to show up on my Pre nor is the second calendar available on the Pre to manually add.

    With Exchange does the Pre only see the one main calendar? Can I see both calendars?

    My primary reason for doing this is to allow family changes to one and business to another and assign different colors. I do have Google calendar used already for FIXED time (office hours and repeating events)

    Any thoughts or input?

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    I have exactly the same problem! Couldn't find any solution for now. Does anybody know a hint or something for showing all calendars from Exchange Active Sync?
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    I am surprised that there has been little activity on this post. Anyone have any ideas about this?
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    Are both of your calenders actually going through Exchange? I haven't really looked into this much, but I have noticed that I have an Exchange calendar and a local calendar (can't remember exactly what MS calls it, but it's not linked to Exchange). I believe you can have two Exchange calenders on your Pre, but you need two Exchange accounts.
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    Push from MS will only sync your main Exchange calender. I dont know of any phone that lets you have 2 exchange accounts. I have had about 15 windows mobile phones before the Pre and they dont let you have more than one Cal or exchange account.
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    I'm pretty sure that the only way you'll be able to see such functionality is with WM 6.1 and Exchange 2007 or higher.
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    The Pre is the only phone that sync with two Exchange accounts, but I don't think you can use two calenders with one Exchange account.
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    I've been messing with different combinations of this all morning. I have Three EAS accounts each with 3 seperate calendars (personal, support & admin). This works fine. The problem i was having (outlook 2007 + exchange server 2007) was syncing or even "overlaying" sub-calendars associated with each of the main accounts. Additional sub-calendar folders will not sync. only the main. This is a shame and should be addressed.

    Nor will internet calendars sync. It would be fantastic if we were allowed to add URLS of iCAL (dynamic internet calendars) as additional calendars. I can't understand why a WEBOS would omit this obvious functionality.

    to get around the calendar limitation i published my exchange secondary calendars (your exchange admins need to configure your server to allow this) and added them to my Google calendar as additional calendars. The Pre will sync Google secondary calendars and thus I achieved the same thing. I also run Google's Calendar sync so both my google and exchange calendars are syncronized.

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