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    So when I first got my pre, i went ahead and set up my gmail and allowed it to download all of my contacts, funny thing was that it moved all of my numbers but didnt bring their contacts with them, it just lumped them all together under one contact.

    so i have 87 contacts in my gmail, it synced 27 of them just fine, but on two of them it lumped 60 numbers into their phone number fields. so when I go to call "Joey" it has his number and 34 other numbers listed for him. and when I go to call "Katie" it has her number and 26 other numbers listed for her. the extra numbers listed are all numbers from my contact list.

    Ive tried syncing with two different gmail accounts as well as deleting all of my contacts from gmail and importing them again from a fresh export out of my outlook account.

    I also tried pocket mirror and the same thing happened, I am assuming its how my outlook is formatted, but everything looks normal to me.

    I even went to the Sprint store, only to be told that the phone was too new for them to have experienced any problems like this and I should call Palm directly.

    I was going to try gsyncit and dont mind the 14.99 price tag, but would like to know its going to work before I waste the money.

    any help would be appreciated. I am going to start typing contacts in manually while I wait and see if anyone can help.
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    I appear to have the same problem you have, but, due to the number of contacts I have 6,000+, I am getting over 2,000 links to one contact. This happened when I started using EAS and was not happening when using PocketMirror to sync my contacts. Since syncing of contacts could be done using PocketMirror can be done for free, consider switching over.

    I wonder if there is some sort of misbehavior in the sync where there are Gmail contacts without names. The ones effected by the bug seem to be those.

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    the contacts ended up being linked to the one contact. I was able to unlink them on the phone and they are all good now.
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    But will there be fix for this issue? I've synced using both PocketMirror & Chapura (?) and had the same thing happen with both. I don't want to have to unlink all of those clustered contacts manually.

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