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    So I've got my Pre setup to sync my Comcast email, which is already disappointing that it's not IMAP so I can't get it "pushed". However, I'm wondering if there is any logic to when/if the Pre will clear the "Trash" folder? I've got it set to sync deleted email, but it seems like it never actually deletes the stuff. So I get the same emails downloaded to Outlook on my home PC that I've already read on my Pre earlier in the day.

    The biggest complaint I have about my Pre (have had it for less than 2 weeks now), is the lack of functionality with the Preferences/Settings on almost every aspect of the phone.

    Any help is much appreciated.
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    So I found out that you have to manually delete the trash folder emails.

    However I now am experiencing an issue where I receive notifications of new emails if I delete an email that hasn't been marked as "read". So if I am in my inbox, see a new email that I don't want to read, and swipe it away, the phone then alerts me that a new email has arrived in my "Trash" folder. Is this a bug?

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