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    Is there any way to get Contacts to include distribution lists? For some reason Exchange will not sync those to the device, even though they are in the Exchange contacts list.
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    They show up when it searches the GAL for me. Although, our Exchange setup has an SMTP variant for every addres (including disti lists). That may be why.
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    mine works as well. (we have smtp addresses associated as well)
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    This is a personal group that I made out of my contacts. I just asked our IT guy and he says there is no way for those to show up on contacts. Because they are personal lists they are not included in the GAL. Bummer for me. I use those a lot.
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    You can create a Contact such as Office & in the email field enter a list such as "email1; email2; email3; etc."

    When you email to that "contact" it is actually going to your distribution list.

    See the Tips and Tricks for for this and 300 other tips.

    - Craig

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