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    I understand that the Pre syncs with iTunes provided I'm running 1.1.0 (is there a specific version of iTunes needed for this?) and the filetype is an approved one. It seems though that all of the songs in my library are saved as .m4a files, which I know are non-DRMed and based on some Apple codec (hence the iTunes support, or in fact preference for them, as the cds were all ripped via iTunes). The phone seems capable of playing the filetype, at least through the ringtones menu type. But I'm wondering if I can sync my library with said filetypes without issue.

    If not, is there a simple batch conversion tool anybody can suggest?
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    The music I have on my Pre (synched with itunes) are mp3 files so I can't say w/o a doubt. The Palm Pre website lists the following audio formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+, AMR, QCELP, WAV

    Either the most updated itunes or you can revert back to 8.1.x version. I never updated my itunes to begin with so I never ran into the issue for the itunes break.
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    The short answer, the AACs and m4a's are the same. You shouldn't have any issues synching them. The only problem I've had synching with itunes is for whatever reason I can't get the artwork, so I just drop and drag which is ok for what I'm doing.

    What are aac / m4a / mp4 / m4b files? |
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    HELP - I can not get my Itunes to recognize my Pre when I hook it up to my computer. Also, when I am playing the music that I have on my Pre (previously synced) it will not play all the songs. It skips over half of them and kicks me out of music on some. Anybody know how to help with these two Itunes/music problems.

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