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    I'm having trouble getting my Pre to fully sync with Microsoft Exchange at work. Currently, MS has pushed my work e-mail once, including the e-mails from the Inbox that arrived in the past seven days and the entire structure (folders, etc.) of my MS Mailbox. The Pre will not update the e-mails or push additional received e-mails down (I have it set up to sync incoming e-mail on arrival). However, I can send e-mail from my Pre through my work e-mail, and they are sent immediately) . Finally, I cannot sync the calendar or contacts.

    I have perused the forum posts for anyone else with similar problems, and I cannot find anyone else. I did read the post about OWA and confirmed that Exchange at work does support it. The I/T guy at work has done everything he can think of to allow me access (he's trying to sync his iPod Touch will little success).

    Has anyone else had problems with only being able to sync a portion of your Outlook e-mail and PIMs? Were you able to solve your problem? Any other suggestions?

    Thanks for your help.
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    I've been using PocketMirror, and since they came out with the new build a few weeks ago, I haven't had a problem. You have to be careful to input your password and ID correctly. The PocketMirror gave me good tech help through e-mail, and I'm pleased with it.
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    Sorry - got ahead of myself. PocketMirror syncs your contacts and your calendar. My mail I had to set up differently, and I did have trouble at first. But what I said about password and ID holds true - check your e-mail function on your Pre and make sure your Account is set up right. I have it show e-mail for 7 days and I do it manually for one of my accounts, automatic for the other.
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    Thanks for the response. I had tried PocketMirror a month or so ago and couldn't get it to sync on my PC. I contacted their customer support, and we couldn't get it working on the PC side. I eventually dropped it, but it might be worth trying again.

    I have checked my use ID and password several times, and it is correct. It has to be correct since I was able to sync once and I am still able to send e-mails from my Pre through the work account. Rather, I think my problem is either in my other connection settings on the Pre or in a setting on Exchange.

    Any other ideas?
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    I had a similar issue. Earlier this week my Pre stopped syncing with my work exchange server entirely - with no warning indicator of course - so I browsed these forums and got it syncing again after installing the security certificate from OWA. 2 days ago it stopped syncing again after I had to power down before getting on a flight. This time there was nothing that would get it back on track.

    After 2 hours on the phone with Palm tech support (they claimed that they had never heard of this issue) I went ahead and did a full system erase. VERY IMPORTANT - during the initial set up I created a NEW Palm Profile using a different email address. I first tried to restore the phone using the Palm Profile restore and that didn't work. When I created a new profile it gave me a clean slate and since everything that is really important to me is stored on the exchange server I was fine with it The funny thing is, when the issue first happened, I swear that I used the DER encoded binary certificate. This time with a fresh system, that cert didn't work and but the Base-64 encoded certificate did the trick.

    I've had to go through this process 3 times now (I'm running out of email addresses to use) because of various utilities on the Pre ruining my sync. I know for certain that if I activate bluetooth, my sync with exchange stops working and I have to do a hard reset. I'm not sure if the bluetooth failure is caused by turning on BT itself or actually syncing the phone with my car (Audi A6 if it makes a difference). I also know that if I power cycle my phone (like getting on a plane which I do every week), the sync may stop working but a couple more power cycles sometimes gets it going again.

    BTW - I am outside of the 30 day exchange period so I don't know if this issue falls under warranty. If this issue isn't resolved with future updates (within the next couple of months) I will be going back to WM and getting the Touch Pro 2 if it ever releases... Is there a lemon law for phones???

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