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    How exactly do I Sync with Itunes ? Can I do it wirelessly ? or do I have to connect the USB cable ?
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    You have to connect the USB cable and select Media Sync.
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    Well you did tell us to call you one...

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    I was wondering the smae thing I got the Pre today and I tried to sync it and nothign happend
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    You need to make sure you download and install the latest update for Webos. I assume if you just got your Pre that it is still on WebOS 1.0.3, and iTunes no longer works with 1.0.3, so download 1.1 and you should be all set.
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    Has anyone had any problems with some songs from Itunes not playing? I d/l some from my buddies computer and some played but some were skipped right over.
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    I have WebOS 1.1.0 and itunes 8.2.1.... still cant get it to sync. Help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4plaay View Post
    I have WebOS 1.1.0 and itunes 8.2.1.... still cant get it to sync. Help?
    Don't plug your USB cable into a hub, make sure it is plugged into the computer directly.

    I had a lot of problems with itunes lately, not just with my pre. I have switched to Winamp since then and I haven't looked back. Everything has worked flawlessly. Only thing that iTunes has over Winamp is it can rip cds, while you have to get the pro version of Winamp for that.

    Also take a look here:
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    I had the same type of problem MikeyVT, with certain tracks being skipped. Is it possible it could be the format is DRM or AAC? I don't know if we are the only 2 people having this same issue. Does anyone know how to fix this?!
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    Songs that have the DRM will not play on the Pre...the songs that aren't playing, were they downloaded through the iTunes store?
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    yes, but are their some that aren't DRM that are able to play on the Pre? Cause there are a handful that I've purchased that do in fact work.

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