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    so i have 150 contacts on facebook and my facebook profile on my pre says 149 and i have tried syncing and it wont update
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    Does the person who is not showing up on your phone have you on their limited profile?
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    I've had this same issue, the best thing to do is: Delete the account from your preferences and then add it back. You'll now have all of your contacts up to date at that moment. All the profile pics will still change when they change em and any other info, but for some odd reason I don't know why it's not adding new contacts. I'm sure this gets addressed in another thread somewhere.

    Hopefully that helps you out.
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    yeah deleting the facebook account and then reactivating seems to be the only solution right now. The problem is that you then have have to re-link all the profiles you have once you do this especially if you have a lot of people who don't necessarily use the same name or emails for their facebook accounts. Very big PITA!!!
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    I have the same experience as well.On going sync from facebook to phone wont do after account is created.You need to remove and add acount again to get the contacts.

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