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    I've noticed recently that my e-mails are no longer syncing changes that have been made. I remember having the ability to read an e-mail on my computer and it should show that it was read on my Pre. I've noticed lately that I've had to manually refresh for it to take the changes. This also happens to e-mails that I've deleted because they still show up on the Pre until I hit refresh.

    I've got it set on "As items arrive".

    Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem lately? I've only noticed it since 1.1.

    Thanks in advance.
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    can anyone confirm that that sort of sync still happens?
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    When I figrst got my pre I was still using outlook which would download everything from gmail... I then changed my settings to allow outlook to leave messages on the server for a day for my pre... and then ultimately IMAP'd all my mail back to gmail and ditched outlook

    At any of those points I seemingly never experienced the issue you are... My phone is set to check every 15 minutes

    I will say this... I've deleted my gmail account from my phone about 2-3 times and re-added it as I've deleted folders from my gmail account and the phone wouldn't reflect those folder changes...

    Other than that, email has been a pleasant experience... The calendar syncing is another story
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    This happens to me too.
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    I've noticed this too.

    I've also have the connection to one of my gmail accounts die every night when I put my phone on the touchstone charger. It's set for "as items arrive", and appears to happen only at night. No new mail comes in for that account until I manually refresh, then email comes in fine throughout the day. Happens with wifi on and off. The other gmail account works perfectly. There seem to be several issues with gmail and the pre that have popped up lately.
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    Im not sure if this is the same problem, but i have my gmail set on imap (for idle-push) and it will recieve the e-mails/sync to changes, etc perfectly for a little bit (maybe about an hour?) and then it stops completely. It won't receive new e-mails even if i just send one to myself, and it only starts working again after i shut the pre off and turn it back on (or after a few hours i'll receive the 20 emails i missed).
    Set to receive e-mail "as it arrives".
    edit: and it shouldn't matter but for the record my gmail account is a google apps account from my university
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    Interesting. My gmail account that has this issue is also a google apps account from my university. My other one, which is a regular gmail account, seems to work fine. I've found that going into the mail app, selecting just that account (not "All Mailboxes", that doesn't work), and hitting the refresh button fixes it and makes the emails start coming through again.

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