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    My Pre is sync'd with my office Outlook using EAS to our office Exchange server. To manage emails, I have many "sub" folders under my Inbox, with rules on my office desktop which re-route certain emails from the main Inbox of my Outlook to various subfolders. One of these receives a lot of traffic and I want it to be up to date. It is one of my Favorites on the Pre so it shows up in the "top list" on the Pre screen. It seems to have been working fine for the first several weeks I have had my phone [since June 5th]. Recently, however, I noticed that when I opened this subfolder, it was not up to date. The most recent email would be one or two weeks old. It would then start to update the folder. Sometimes it would it would accomplish that task, albeit slowly, and sometimes it updates the subfolder thru the prior day and fails to display any of the current day's emails. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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    I've noticed the same issue. I manage my emails under various client folders continuously, thus my Inbox is usually empty at the end of everyday. Pre seems to sync the Inbox as email items are received, however once I move an email from Inbox to a sub-folder in Outlook on my laptop, the email disappears from Inbox in Pre, but the sub-folder in Pre never gets updated unless I manually open the folder. I changed Favorites, but no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    The only solution I've found - thus far - is to change my Outlook rules to "client only", so that they only route mails into the subfolders while Outlook is up and running on my desktop. When I leave my desk for a meeting, I just close Outlook - then everything routes to the Inbox, where I can retrieve it from my Pre. When I'm back at my desk and fire up Outlook again, the rules go off and everything I've read via my phone now sorts to the appropriate folder. Not a fabulous solution, but it works...

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