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    The yellow caution symbol (triangle with an exclamation mark inside) shows up after email sync. There are no other messages associated with it. Though somewhat delayed by a few minutes, mail appears to arrive normally on my pre.

    Anyone know what it means and how I get rid of it?

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    Check you login passwords.

    I had this problem once and rest the password in the account pref. and it went away.
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    I just updated the passwords but the symbol is still there. Thanks for the answer though.
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    So I just got off the phone with Palm Support Level 2. An hour later, I find out that the caution symbol and inability of my phone to update emails immediately... I have too many emails in my inbox - according to Palm.

    If I set the "Show Email" preference to 3 days, my phone will not clog and function appropriately. Any more than that and email "clogs up."

    Funny thing is, I'm not a power email user. Three days for me is about 40 emails. I'm sure there are people on here who get 40 emails a day.

    You need to fix this, Palm. I'm pretty sure the iPhone can handle more than 40 emails at a time.
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    So, the analyst didn't have an answer and made something up. I'd expect that of a Level 1 analyst, but not Level 2.

    I finally traced the yellow caution symbol in my 'All Inboxes' to an e-mail that failed to send. I re-sent the e-mail and the yellow triangle went away. I can't remember how I found the item - I think I was digging through Sent items looking for something else.

    I have two weeks of e-mails saved to the device, which is hundreds, if not thousands (200-300 per day), and I expect the Pre can handle tens of thousands - though I haven't tested it.

    It would be nice if tapping on the alert would bring you to the problem e-mail.
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    I found it helps to look at each email account individually and see which one is setting off the warning. I was getting it in my "All inboxes" view, but narrowed it down to Yahoo. Going by what JXFlyer found out, I noticed I had 63 SPAM messages in Yahoo. I deleted them all, and the triangle went away, so I think there's some truth to what he found out.

    The number of emails in my other folders doesn't seem to be an issue, as I have a lot.
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    You'll also get the yellow triangle if you first use EVDO to open your email, allow your email to remain open and then connect to a wifi that requires a password (such as Hooters wifi or Cafe Express). Just enter the password and/or log into the wifi connection site and this resolves the triangle.

    Just an FYI
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    mine went away when i emptied my drafts and trash folder on the phone

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