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    I have my calendar sync with google, all was good until yesterday when all the events from this whole week have disappeared. I added them again and they also disappeared. I removed the calendar account and added it again but that did not work. Has this happened to anyone?
    Anyone know how to fix it?
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    I have had the same problem, what is the fix or is there one atm?
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    Same here.

    I can create events on Google or Pre and they sync up. Any updates/changes from Google are fine and synced to the Pre.

    Any updates/changes from the Pre and the event disappears from Google, but the event stays on the Pre.

    This seems to have started mid-July before the last OS update.

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    Seems to have been fixed on the last two updates.

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    I have an exchange calendar...syncs work calendar and my pre. I'm on the latest and greatest version of webos. If I enter an appt on my computer (work calendar) it will show up on my pre. However, if i enter an appt on my pre it will not show up on my work calendar! And it doesn't even when i manually 'sync now'.

    anyone else had problems with this or can help with any info about this? THANKS!!

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