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    Please help.

    I have a business that runs by appointment. Many appointments are one-off, but many are recurring. Sometimes clients cancel one week's session, or switch times for one week only.

    When I make the changes on the Pre, it reverts to the recurring info only at sync and when I get to the office, the changes have not been made on the Google calendar.

    For example, my 6:30pm appt cancelled this week and my 8:30pm appt wanted the 6:30pm time. I made the change on the Pre. When I arrived at the office, the 6:30pm was back on my calendar and the 8:30pm was in her usual time slot. I only noticed because it was for today.

    It is not isolated: in the past month, I have called people for no-shows that actually were cancelled and sat here in the office with open hours that I thought were booked. I thought 1.1 would fix this though -- apparently not and apparently it is not happening to anyone else because I have seen no posts about it.

    I am not super excited about manually entering every appointment (sometimes for a year or more) when a recurring option is available.

    Is it a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone think of a better solution?

    I'm a loyal Palm user for years and sticking with the Pre, but the calendar app is horrible compared to that of the Treo 680.....
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    bump, around? anyone?
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    OK, now when I change an appointment on the Pre calendar it randomly pops back to the original time.

    Am I the only one? Cannot believe I am that special...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dianagr View Post
    Am I the only one? Cannot believe I am that special...
    When I imported my calendar from Palm Desktop, it blew up recurring appointments all over the place. I had one set for the first Sunday in November every year, as a reminder that DST ends. It's showing up on the first Sunday of every month. Needless to say, I've had to resort to carrying my Treo (with the phone powered off) as my calendar device until I figure out how clean this mess up. I haven't felt this un-converged since...well, since I got my first Treo many moons ago.....
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    That is horribly sad. Welcome to the calendar-misery club. I am truly sorry that you are stuck here too.

    I am really wanting a Pre solution, but I realized today that I cannot make google changes through the browser, so I am back to sticky notes (yes, the kill-the-trees, paper kind) until this gets addressed.

    I too am already using my Treo a timer...and as a kindle (I have tons of ereader books)....but I really don't want to carry it with me everywhere as well as the Pre. I'm optimistic that a 3rd party solution may have me onto 1 device soon.
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    I ran into some of this - I play regular concerts every week, but sometimes sub them out. On the Treo I had no trouble changing one occurrence, but the Pre and Google calendars isn't so reliable. I've just changed my habit and every time there's a change I delete the single occurrence and make a new one (with a different time, or a different player). I really hope they fix this as well, and also make the app on the Pre respond faster.
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    I finally came to grips yesterday with the realization that the old Palm that we all knew and loved is dead. I guess the problem started when they split the software and hardware groups into different companies many moons ago. All of the folks who knew anything about personal information management went with the software company, which is now owned by ACCESS. The hardware folks started from scratch developing these tools for WebOS, and the result speaks for itself. Hopefully, they aren't using the Pre's calendar to manage their development project timetables, or we may be getting version 0.9 alpha of WebOS pushed out to us next week!

    What's really annoying is that the e-mail client doesn't seem to support IMAP folder subscriptions properly. I've seen reports that it apparently isn't implementing the IMAP expunge command, either. The calendar transfer from Palm Desktop (which is owned by ACCESS and Palm wants nothing to do with on the Pre) trashed my calendar so badly that I may *never* be able to fully recover from it. With all of these basic usability issues, what does Palm focus all kinds of developer resources on? FIXING iTUNES DESKTOP SYNCHRONIZATION in version 1.1?!?!?!? I should have known that something was wrong when I opened the box for my Pre and it had that little "Designed in California" plastic thingy in it just like an Apple product. Like I said, Palm is dead...long live iPalm.

    The Pre is a great handheld cloud terminal (a term that I coined a few weeks ago), but certainly isn't up to the PIM needs of professionals without an Exchange server. Our only hope is that ACCESS was allowed to participate in the WebOS developer's program early on, and that they throw all of their programming resources and PIM knowledge into making a third-party Pre calendar to replace the pile of toss that iPalm threw onto our phones. Since ACCESS' business will be dead once the Treo/Centro lines fades away, it would seem to be a good next step for them to survive as a company. Lord knows there's a need for a better Pre calendar app.....
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    I suspect that Google will continue to improve functionality for the Pre and that will fix the calendar issues. I am also hoping that sooner (rather than later) we get good utility and productivity apps.

    On the plus side, Mr. Gr and I went out the other night -- used Open Table to find a nearby restaurant, booked the reservation, mapped the destination and all went well. Then we thought about a movie, but after using the Fandango App to preview trailers decided against it. Those things, albeit social things, were pretty quick and easy.

    Now if I could only cancel a client's next Tuesday appt, then search my calendar for the client's remaining appt schedule, copy the results and send it to that individual by text and/or email, I would be a happy camper!!
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    You are certainly not the only one who is experiencing this problem. My business lives and dies by my calendar. I am in the same boat as you. I have 70-80 30 minute appointments per week. Most of those appointments are recurring weekly events. Clients are constantly changing, canceling rescheduling, etc. My calendar history also serves as my source for billing clients, so an accurate history is extremely important to me.

    My advice is not to use Google calendar with the Pre at this time. Exceptions to recurring events are not implemented properly, not to mention the Google calendar sync makes the Pre slow as molasses. Each and every time I tried to delete a recurring appointment on the Pre it would immediately show up in the Google calendar as deleted (when clicking "refresh" on the Google calendar). However, within minutes the previously deleted appointments would reappear on both the Pre and the Google calendar. I tried deleting the events multiple times, but the kept reappearing. This is completely unusable for me. It is really quite disappointing as my previous Treo 650 functioned perfectly for my needs (before accidentally running over it with my car).

    As a work around, I am using Missing Sync for the Pre on my MacBook Pro. Between my Mac and my handheld, I run my entire business. While the Missing Sync software is not perfect at this time (it is quite buggy in some instances), it is currently getting the job done for me. My Pre calendar is quite faster without a Google calendar account and handles the deleted or rescheduled appointments without issue.

    If you are using a PC instead of a Mac, the Missing Sync software should be available soon. There is an update on their website concerning this. While I think the concept of cloud computing is intriguing, it is prematurely implemented on the Pre. If you decide to use Missing Sync, I recommend syncing often (at least once per day) as I have run into calendar syncing issues. The only way I could solve these issues was to delete and reinstall the account on the Pre.

    It is difficult for me to believe that we are the only small business owners / operators that rely on a dynamic and active calendar who would consider the Pre an essential business tool. I hope Palm gets this right with future software updates. I hope this post is useful to you.

    Take care.
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    I am having all of the same issues as well mentioned above...I have just not had time to report them. This is agonizing not having a dependable calendar. I have had every Treo made through the Centro, and the Pre's calendar program is sorely lacking. Recurring events are a nightmare, and I thought it was CompanionLink's "fault". Sounds like it's actually Google Calendar causing the problems. Very very frustrated. I really miss my Centro as that was spot on and dependable with my calendar. I really hope there is a solution soon to fix all these problems.

    Other than the calendar problems, I truly love the Pre. Come on Palm/ can do it! Please!!
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    Just a note of support that I continue to go through similar agony with calendar syncing between ical, gcal, and the pre. I also have an app't-based business and expected to be able to rely on the pre.

    Recurring app't inconsistencies, data corruption, you name it. Many attempts to reset without improvement. Long time spent with Palm on the phone only to be told that the problem was in google's servers somewhere beyond what anyone could fix, and that I had to recreate my calendar and start over, which I did, only to have the problems re-emerge.

    I miss Agendus and my Treo 680; rock solid reliable in comparison.
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    Anyone aware of progress with this issue? I have given up on synergy for now as it is completely unreliable.
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    just chiming in to say i have a big problem with this syncing too. i have lotus notes at work and until a 3rd party app comes along to sync notes with the Pre i have been using google calendar. (each appointment i get in notes i export in iCal and import to google calendar. painful but for the most part works fine.) it's the recurring items that cause trouble.

    i think the heart of the problem lies with the Pre calendar... notice how limited the options are for choosing repeating events. most everything comes over from google calendar as a "custom" repeat. i think it doesn't properly understand the repeats.

    if i edit them on the Pre they will often disappear from the google calendar, and every once in a while the calendar stops syncing completely, even if i do a manual sync. sometimes a soft reset will cure this, otherwise the only solution i have found is to unlink the account on the pre and relink it, which takes at least half an hour to complete. some deleted events tend to reappear after the soft reset or unlink/link so i suspect a bug around deleting repeating events also.

    this leaves me a grumpy customer, wondering how they got the calendar so wrong. my palm iii from 12 years ago had a better calendar app. i only wish i were kidding about that.

    i was willing to put up with it for a while as the price of being an early adopter, but now it's been 3 months since launch and we've only gotten a few minor fixes.
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    Here's the progress from my observation, and it isn't forward.

    Since the anticipated 1.1 update, I can no longer search the web-based google calendar through the browser and make changes there (also, fwiw, tasks no longer show up in the day view there as well). It seems that the standard google calendar updates so much that it is impossible to type a name in the search field and actually search so as to change the appointment that way.

    I'm afraid alpha_male is right, keep the old plan and don't sync. I do text new appts to google calendar directly (48368) and I text myself notes about appts to change when I get to a computer. Very sad.
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    I am having the same problem with recurring entries. I have several recurring entries on my calendar and occasionally I have an exception. Those exceptions DO get synced properly from my Outlook 2007 to Google calendar. However, Palm Synergy does not sync the exceptions.

    For example, my son has football practice after school everyday except the days he has a game. So, in Outlook, I made a recurring entry for all of the days of practice and manually deleted the entries on the days he has a game. The entries are correctly deleted on my Google calendar after syncing but the Palm Pre still shows them undeleted even after a Palm Pre syncs to Google.

    I just wonder if this is a Palm Pre issue or a Palm Synergy issue. If a direct sync program such as Chapura PocketMirror syncs properly, I am left to think it is a Synergy issue. If it does not sync properly, then it likely is a Palm Pre issue.

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    Have any of you who are experiencing these calendar problems have reported them to Palm on their forums at Palm Support Community - Palm Support Community ? If so, great! If not, that is probably a better place than here if you want palm to see them.
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    Based on the Palm support website, the 1.2 update may fix your problem.
    -On Google calendar, all day events that are changed to timed events on a computer are now properly updated.
    -If a cancellation is received for an event and the user selects "Remove from Calendar", the event is now removed from the device and desktop.
    I've notice repeats, but I haven't used my calendar enough to be anowed by it yet and I figure the duplications are because to the desktop sync.

    I had the problem with my contacts, but I erased them from the Pre profile, then chose Google as my default. I wasn't willing to figure out how to fix calendar since I don't use it for business.
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    I am having a similar problem with gCal on my Pre. I am a law student with regular class and meeting times set up as recurring appointments throughout the semester. When a professor assigns work due on specific days, I edit the specific day's appointment with the appropriate assignment info. Also, if there are multiple people for whom an appointment is to be updated (study group, etc.), I will add them as meeting attendees. Here's the problem: when I make the necessary change on the Pre (adding assignments in notes), the change syncs to Google and then all the attendee data for the following appointments in the chain disappear. From there, all attendees have to be re-invited. So far, the only work-around I have been able to figure out is to make all changes to recurring appointments in gCal itself (on the web/not on the Pre).

    I have been using gCal throughout law school in conjunction with my Mac and a Treo 755p prior to the Pre, and I've never had this problem with the calendar app. It's very annoying.
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    I suspect that maybe your Pre is not correctly logging in to your Google Calendar. Here are some troubleshooting suggestions:

    Go to the Calendar App, swipe down on the top left, and select Preferences and Accounts. Ensure that the Default Calendar is the Calendar you're working on in the Google account.

    Under Accounts, select the account in question, and re-enter your password and select Sign In. If you don't get an error message, that means that your password and user ID worked.

    Go back to the main calendar on the Pre, and enter a recurring event. Make it on a weekend or something, so you won't screw up something important (assuming you don't do work appointments on the weekends).

    Check your web based Google Calendar (using a computer) to ensure that events synced. If they did not, either wait a bit and check again, or go back to Preferences and Accounts and select the Sync Now option.

    If they never show up, let us know on here. There's a problem.

    If they do show up, delete one event, without deleting the other recurring events.

    Again, check the web-based calendar.

    Let us know if it did not delete.

    You never said how long it takes to get "re-entered" on the Pre (and/or Google), but wait that long or longer, and see if it comes back.

    Let us know here what happens.
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    Google calendar and the Pre are not ready for prime time. It's too bad too. And I now think the problem is with Google.

    From Google Docs to the Calendar, they're not ready for enterprise, they're just not.

    But I really REALLY wish they were. The moment Google comes up with something solid I'm there. I get it, the cloud is the future. But it's not the present.

    My suggestion is, if you have a business move to Microsoft Exchange.

    If you're a student, move to Pocket Mirror.

    Google just isn't ready.
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