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    Is there a way to have the Pre reflect the fact that you have deleted e-mails (from your inbox) on your server? In other words, when I delete an e-mail from my Hotmail account, it still shows up as new and unread on my Pre, even after the Pre checks for new e-mails.

    Apparently the e-mails deleted from the Pre will then be deleted from the originating server, but it doesn't appear to work in the opposite direction. My Instinct would do this with no problem.
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    I know mine works that way, but if I delete it from the Pre it stays on the server. Are you set up as a POP or an IMAP. POP should pull the whole message to your phone but IMAP will only pull it from the server when you open the message. My Centro was set up as a POP account and emails stayed on the phone until I deleted them. Now I have it set up as an IMAP and everything I pull off the server (through outlook) or delete from the web-based system delete from the phone.

    Might work if you just change that setting.
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    This depends on how often you have it check your mail. If you run the mail application, open the account, and hit refresh (the circle-arrow button) it should remove the messages that have been deleted from your webmail.

    It's possible that hotmail may do something different, but I expect not.


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