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    So I'm having an issue with Google Chat/Talk. It's less a problem on the Pre, and more an issue with Google.

    Before the Pre I used Outlook to sync contacts with my WinMo phone. Upon moving to the Pre I decided to ditch Outlook and take advantage of Synergy. I deleted all of my Gmail contacts and used to Data Migration Tool to move from Outlook -> Pre -> Google. My contacts are in the Address Book for Gmail, but none of my Google Chat buddies are listed after the delete/migration. I've fiddled with the settings but cannot find a way to make the contacts show up in Chat anymore.

    I've searched the forums, and searched through Google for assistance. They list how to 'Add' someone to Google Talk/Chat, but they never appear online after doing so.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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    I've noticed this as well. I can't seem to remove any google talk contacts from my Pre yet they don't appear in my google contacts online. Hmmm...ODD
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    under the contact in gmail, try adding their email or google talk name under the instant messaging section. see if that helps. work with a buddy to make sure you can get things going.

    This happened with my wife, adding it is what i remember doing to fix it.

    good luck

    p.s. good to see someone from "el valle" on here.
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    Oh, thanks, I was having the same problem.

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