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    I use the full version of facebook and noticed after the update that the facebook chat doesn't work anymore. I use the chat a lot so that is a problem for me. Does anyone elses chat not work or it just mine??
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    just tried and it won't let me click on the chat button
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    WHY WOULD PALM DO SUCH A THING?!?!?!?! **** move by palm...
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    I think it was more of an upgrade to the browser that broke the functionality unintentionally.
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    try the facebook chat popout window link after you have logged into the full web page
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    I was just using it, on 1.1.0.
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    just tried it after your post, working fine here, although the chat bar was in the middle of the page when i loaded facebook (not home but the facebook tab) of the full version of the site
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    Just tried it and works fine for me...

    Although the whole popout chat link is quite handy to have. Only downside is that everything looks microscopic unless it's in landscape mode, in which I can't type.
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    mine works fine aswell,on the full page
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    mine still works
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    Works for me.
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    Works for me...1st time I use it through the web sucks they don't have sound or vibe for notification
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    It's been said a million times before, but what we need is a Facebook app. :P
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    Yep anybody have a clue if facebook is actually working on the app?
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    How is everyones working? When I click on the chat button nothing happens
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    you have to click on the actual word chat
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    Yea I did that. Still doesn't work
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    It works for me...I don't kno wut ur doing wrong or maybe you have to click on home...don't home and do it again
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    Or try resetting your phone. Maybe the browser's cache/cookies need clearing. I just tap 'chat' like I always do and it pops up.

    Also try zooming in. God knows that the tapping isn't 100% accurate for the phone.

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