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    Hello -

    For those of you who sync itunes or use AMAZON MP3 how does it work. Do you have to sync ITUNES VIA USB cable or does it sync like google contacts/facebook? Also, how does it work with Amazon MP3?? I am thinking of getting an account but not sure which way I should go with music. Thanks.

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    I personally use Amazon. For the most part, the Amazon MP3 application on the PC puts the music right into my Windows Media Player library. Then I can drag and drop to the Pre via USB Drive mode.
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    I would go with Amazon. My experience is if you go with itunes and try to use media players outside of itunes it can mess up your album artwork. Itunes tends to organize things a little differently by storing artwork separately which will be a hassle later if you try to use a media player other than itunes. That's just my experience.

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