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    Yeah, my calendar sync is completely flakely in that it wont' sync certain events, but that's not the question I have today. I would like to sync ALL of my previous calendar events/appointments (in Outlook/Exchange) to my Pre. How can I make that happen?
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    I couldn't get that working either, and gave up and purchased gSyncit to bounce everything through Google. Cheap, and it works!
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    Same here. gSyncit is 10 bucks and it will sync your Outlook calendar and contacts with your Gmail account. You can set up your sync to run on a schedule, at Outlook start up, or on demand.
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    Pocket mirror from Chapura is free, and has worked great for me syncing Outlook 2003 to the pre. If you go that route, make sure it is the mosy updated version -- pocket mirror has had one or two updates in the last couple weeks.
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    does gsyncit do this type of sync - i update on my outlook calendar and it goes to google - and eventually to the pre? and i add a calendar event on the pre it would go to google and eventually outlook - am i correct in this?
    finally, can i also tell it to overide one or the other? i've had my pre since day one with google and have left outlook behind. i'd like to try this but i have been without the outlook calendar since june so i'd want google to override outlook on the first sync.

    can i accomplish the above with gsyncit?

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