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    FB is working perfectly for me. I added a new friend tonight, and it was updated automatically in about 1 hr.
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    FB is working for me(mostly). I feel as though there is some issue with permissions maybe? I don't get profile pictures from a couple of people who have strick security options on their facebook, in regards to what is public.
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laxidasical View Post
    1) Open Contacts
    2) Click on "Contacts" at top left
    3) Click "Preferences & Accounts"
    4) Scroll to bottom and click "Sync now"

    It will manually sync all of your accounts.
    I know that; I already mentioned it doesn't work putting a few new ppl (post-Pre) on the Pre even with a manual sync, though some others have been put on the Pre (pre-1.1, funny enough).
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