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    Add Email account using Manual set up
    Select Exchange
    Enter all the Exchange settings, add account and after a few spins it finishes without any errors. The account shows up in my email screen but all I get is an Outbox, does not sync, can't see Inbox. When I go to calendar, Preferences and Accounts and then to the Exchange account I get a message stating that this account is not set up for calendar.

    Our system requires a 6 digit simple PIN. It nevers prompts me to set a PIN like it did when I set up my WinMo device for this. Something does not seem quite right.

    Any ideas?
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    Furthermore, is this an issue due to other policies on the server? Can the EAS admin put policies in place that block connections based on the type of client e.g. only accept connections from Windows Mobile or iPhones?
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    I thought the same as you, beliving this latest update would fix my pre with the eas problems. And I was dissapointed as well, until I found this.

    Have your IT department look this over.

    The first group (1-7) isn't required. 1-23b fixed my outbox problem and now my pre syncs with email, contacts, calendar, tasks. Its wonderful!
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    Our IT guys/company are pretty draconian about our Exchange server policies. I got a grunt and a "we'll see...yer phone's not even supported ya know". Sigh...if I could just find one of them who's willing to think freely for 10 minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CTSLICK View Post
    Sigh...if I could just find one of them who's willing to think freely for 10 minutes.
    Not wanting to stir up any trouble or hijack this thread but speaking as an IT guy that among other things, is responsible for maintaining our Exchange based e-mail system, I can honestly say that none of the policies I get to enforce came from me or anyone else on my crew. If your IT team says "We can't do it because company policy says . . . . ." you can rest assured that the policy most likely came from someone that was telling IT what to do, not IT themselves. The easier it is for someone to do something, the better it is for the IT team (within reason) as we get fewer support calls.
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    Let me help you with a little more firepower to talk with.

    1-23b tasks should be mostly completed on exchange policies in most companies that have some sort of mobile devices on them.

    13-20 are the ones probably not in place. Here is what they do. Exchange uses a secure connection to its client. But when exchange is making callbacks to itself it is using unsecured. The pre doesn't like this unsecured postback traffic going on and bugs out displaying the outbox. By adding the ip address of the server to the denied access tab, IIS doesn't send out messages in unsecured methods. So the pre never sees this behind the scenes communication isn't receiving messages that don't belong to the pre.

    This is an interpretation of how I understand the policy changes being made. They could be off a little, but now you can feel more confident that you aren't creating security holes. In fact you are probably making it better.
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    For me the trick was to leave the Domain field blank and actually put the domain name into the username field. Go figure. Format is XYZ/username where "XYZ" is the domain.
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