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    Forever I have had calendars subscribed to my account on my company's google apps account and their calendar names show up on my Pre but none of their events. I have several coworkers who I need to see their free/busy status and I have to use the web-based corporate google apps page instead of the Pre's built-in calendar. I finally figured out where the problem is....

    * The calendar account you are using and the calendar account to which you are subscribed to is both on a corporate google apps domain.
    * The calendar you are subscribed to is view-only

    If the calendar you are subscribed to is on a regular google account, there's no problem if it's view-only. Likewise, if you are subscribed to a google corporate apps calendar on your google corporate apps calendar and the subscribed calendar is editable by you, then you can see it. But if you are subscribed to a view-only corp google apps account, that calendar's name-only will show but no events at all.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem? I'm using 1.1.0 and still no dice.
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    I too am having this problem and it's quite annoying...anyone have a fix for it?

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