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    I've noticed that if I change my folder structure significantly on my Exchange 2007 account, the folders on the Pre don't seem to sync. For example, I deleted a bunch of folders and then emptied the deleted items folder (all this on Outlook/Exchange 2007). Then, when I went to my Pre to see if the changes updated, all of the folders I deleted are scattered throughout the folder list willy nilly. It actually lists many of them under "Sync Issues", but there isn't anything in the Sync Issues folder on the Exchange server! Others are under folders which they have never been under before.

    Anyone else have this issue or have any ideas on how to force an update to the folder list for an EAS account?

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    On a related note, I have my EAS account to be on "push" notifications, but only my inbox is pushed. My other folders are only synched when i manually request them to be synched. anybody else have this issue?
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    That is by design. Only the inbox is 'pushed.'
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    bump, anyone? still having this issue after 1.2 update


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