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    My apologies if there's already a thread on this, but this is a fairly serious bug in Exchange sync that has been discussed on the Palm forums:

    Re: Meeting Request Issues - Synergy (webOS) - Palm Support Community

    I haven't seen discussion of this at PreCentral. Is anyone having this problem, and, if so, what's the opinion that it will be fixed in the next OTA update?
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    just bumping this thread to see if anything's changed. very frustrating problem.
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    I'm going to post this question here since it's related and I haven't seen it addressed anywhere else.

    I have a regular Microsoft Outlook home account. I was sending a Calendar Invitation to another home Outlook user. Shortly after this person received the invite and accepted it to add the invite to his calendar I synced my phone using Pocket Mirror. Everything went fine except the person I sent the invite to suddenly received a cancellation of the event I had sent to him.

    Is this all part of the same problem, and is there a fix hopefully on the way?

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