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    Might be my imagination, but: my work's Exchange server took a dive yesterday morning and still hasn't recovered. That gave me the perfect opportunity to see if removing EAS completely would help with my marginal battery life (talking about looking for silver linings!).

    What's surprised me is that removing EAS has apparently resolved some of the performance issues I was having. Where everything seemed sluggish (e.g., clicking on an email account took a few seconds for it to open, emails were slow to open, the phone app was slow, etc.), now it seems snappy again. Might be placebo, but don't think so: I wasn't expecting performance to be different.

    Going to keep trying it, but hopefully if it's a real phenomenon it's also something that Palm is aware of and that will be part of the EAS fixes rumored for V1.1.

    Fingers crossed...
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    As an update, not only did removing EAS improve my performance (and a number of calls following a minor traffic accident verifies that the phone apps is MUCH more responsive), but it also did improve my battery life. Where previously I was averaging no better than a 10%/hour discharge rates, without EAS it's been closer to 7%/hour, and my use in the last 24 hours has been heavier than normal.

    I think that EAS definitely does need some serious optimization, and I'm hoping it's fixed in this next update. Fingers double crossed...
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    I didn't delete mine, but I set it to get email every 6 hours. Battery life much better, performance much better, and the back of the phone doesn't burn me anymore.

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