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    My company is growing quite a bit and we are moving all our email, calendars, etc over to an exchange server tonight. I'm not too familiar on how well the Pre handles exchange (if at all right now), but I heard with the new WebOS update we will be getting full access to exchange. Right now my business email is running through pop3 on a basic server we have, but due to the growth of our company, we are now setting up a full exchange server.

    Any tips, ideas, comments, etc? What are some cool features that can be used with the Pre and exchange?

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    Global address book. Very nice. Automatically searches it when you start addressing an email.
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    I believe that it does currently communicate with exchange. The update is rumored to provide support more of Exchange's security options.

    We use exchange at work, IT currently only allows Blackberries access. I have no plans to try to get it working on my Pre. I prefer to keep my work stuff separate from my personal stuff.
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    Umm... I set up my Pre to connect with my Exchange account while I was in the store buying it on June 5.
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    Ronlongo is correct. The Pre came out of the box with exchange support.

    What it did not support though was complicated pin locking and remote wipe policies for exchange. Typically large companies use these security policies to protect sensitive or proprietary information. If you lost the phone, the complicated pin locking would prevent someone from accessing the phone which could be followed up with a remote wipe. Same if you leave the company, the phone would be remotely wiped.

    If your company is just upgrading to an exchange server from POP3, i think its a fair assumption they will not be using these more advanced security features and you can use the exchange server the minute they set it up. Hope that clarifies.
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    Also, note that a few options for Exchange are missing. Such as meeting requests.

    I find the Exchange Email client on the Pre to be DOG SLOW. And there are no keyboard shortcuts, or spell check.

    I'm waiting for my favorite corporate email client to be supported on the Pre.
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    Been using it for years at our company on the Palm and Windows Mobile phones.
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    I've been using it since day one.
    I hope the update helps those having issues though...
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    There are the formatting issues when replying to html email as well. Rumored to be fixed in the next update however.

    Exchange and the Pre are a nice combo- once the formatting gets worked out it will be sweet.
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