I have been having some sync issues with Google calender and the pre on the surface they appeared to be the same as other posts i have read but here is what I found.

Everything I add on the Google calender web app appears to sync just fine.

I have been adding some all day events to the calendar on my Pre and they have not been syncing with the Google calender at all basically I would add birthday reminders so the event looked like this.

Debbie's Birthday

this would not sync to the Google calender at all but if I added a test event not an all day one just an appointment it would sync fine but the test even looked like this.


now I found out the problem lies in the apostrophe to the all day event so if I took that out of the event and made it look like this it would sync everytime

Debbie Birthday

now i have seen posts where using the & would not get things to sync either well this appears to be happening with all other characters other than the alphabet as i said as long as i leave the apostrophe off the event i seem to have no sync issues at all.

I hope this is something that palm can fix as it appears to be a problem with the Pre since if I add the event on the Google calendar it works just fine..

I hope this helps anyone with any sync issues.