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    Anyone else have this problem? With exchange and EAS, anytime I try to attach 2 pictures to an email it gets stuck in my outbox, but sends the email repeatedly, about every 5 minutes. This doesn't stop until I delete it out of my outbox. This embarassingly has sent 20 emails to folks over and over. The receiving email btw, gets the 1st pic, fine, but the 2nd one is only partial.

    I'm 5 bars, and wifi in the office. This also just happened today with just 1 pic, which normally works fine, and usually just 2 pics makes it stick. so now i'm really trying to fix it.

    I've deleted EAS, rebooted, and re-installed, no fix.

    I just did a partial erase, and re-entered my palm profile, which it resynched everything and still had the problem.

    Now i'm about to remove exchange, backup to palm (so it doesn't auto resync exchange), do a hard reset, and put back EAS.

    I'm surprised no one else is having this problem?
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    Ok.. removed exchange. backedup to palm. did a hard reset, and put back exchange.

    Still not working! ugh.. this sucks.
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    so 1.1 didn't fix this.. Looks lie it also happens with larger pics that are close to 1mb.

    worst part is you dont' know when it happens.. russian roulette.

    How can I be the only one with this problem?
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    Now I'm afraid to send emails because i never know if this is going to happen.

    anyone know what i can do?
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    No, you're not alone. I have this problem. It definitely seems to be related to any time an email is stuck in the out box, even if it's just from a network hiccup. It seems the phone doesn't get the confirmation that it was sent, or simply doesn't pay attention and ends up trying to send messages from its outbox without realizing a thread is already trying to send the message.

    Another post on this topic here, but strangely there aren't more people complaining because this person didn't get a response, either --

    gmail sending multiple times - Palm Pre Forums

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    I had the same problem this weekend. Sent from my EAS (Exchange Active Sync) email account and it got stuck in the outbox and filled up my friends mailbox with 40 or 50 copies of the same picture email.

    Tried it from my (pop3/smtp) email account and it was sent fine and deleted from the outbox like it should be.

    Maybe it's a problem with Palm Pre's EAS? Not sure, I have a call into both Palm and Sprint, but the support people I've talked to are not getting it and keep passing me from one specialist to another...hopefully they'll acknowledge the issue soon and get a fix.

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