Hey guys,

Have been experimenting with syncing with both Google and Facebook on my Pre. Everything downloaded and synchronized together on the Pre perfectly. Problem was, at first, no contacts were sent back to Gmail. I had many contacts entered manually on my phone and 400 taken from Facebook that combined beautifully. I only had about 5 contacts on Gmail, which also went to the Pre.

I found that after resetting the cache of my computer's browser, the some contacts would be updated on Gmail. I eventually analyzed the contacts that were transfered over and found this. The contacts on Gmail were:

- people who I had emailed on Gmail or my Entourage email client
- some people from my Facebook contacts. Surprisingly, it was only people who had only their cell phone number listed on Facebook. Anyone with an email listed as well on Facebook or just an email listed on Facebook was not transported to my Gmail contacts.

I found it very odd that Gmail wasn't picking up email IDs from Facebook?!?!

No clue why this is... pretty annoying because I wanted a desktop copy of contacts that I could edit/add to and then re-sync.

Anyone have this same problem, or any workarounds? Or want me to provide more details?

Thanks a lot..