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    Is there any way to get the Pre to sync to a WebDAV based iCal calendar file hosted on my own server?

    I have several Macs and my Pre. I want to be able to make a change to the calendars on the Pre as well as the calendars on the Macs and have them all sync up.

    I'm guessing Missing Sync would probably do this but I'd rather host everything on my own website via a .ics file.

    Given the integration that Palm is pushing it seems like a major oversight that they have no direct way to subscribe to an iCal based format.

    I can of course use Google but that means that I can ONLY input stuff on Google Calendars which is not good for situations when I don't have net access and need to enter something (Google calendars are read only in iCal... unless there's a setting I'm not yet aware of).

    Any ideas short of Missing Sync?

    Cheers, Joe
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    spanning sync 3.0b2 works great syncing both ways with google. It uses the new google 3.0 API which allows for syncing of alerts as well. It does a pretty good job of replacing MobileMe/iphone functionality.

    Spanning Sync Blog
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    you need to configure ical for webdav access to google calendar.

    Get Started with CalDAV - Google Calendar Help

    webdav is read and write. a subscription is read only. You may have to change your password if it has special characters in it, or is not the right length/requirements.


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