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    currently i have my calendar (moved from treo) on my pre, and it is sync'ing to my palm profile.

    now i want to change it so that it syncs to google calendar (i have an account, with no appts in google).

    can i do this? i can see how to add the google calendar, but that leaves all my events in the palm calendar, i want to sync them to google (so i can also edit online)

    thanks, alan
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    Wondered if you got an answer yet to your query about syncing with google. I synced my treo and put dates and contacts on the pre , I set up the google calendar to use but now the dates in the palm profile and the ones that I put in manually on the phone won't sync to google so the google calendar is not then complete. Can anyone tell me how to get the pre to sync w/ google for all calendar entries? Thanks, Beth
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    When you create a new event, the account that it will save this event to is displayed in the top right corner (under the battery status bar). Change that to your google account, and it will save to google. You can also change the default to google in Calendar preference "Default Calendar" section. Hope that helps.

    Now if I can just do the same thing with contacts. Haven't find a way to do the same there yet.

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