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    Is it a bug? I have it set to update every hr and I have emails that didn't update until I deleted my account and re added.
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    It depends what account is IMAP compatible. Gmail accounts are, however, my school email which uses live, is not. So i can only set to check for those emails every 5 minutes. Hope this clears that up for you.
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    I have that same problem, with my service providers pop3 email.
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    Same issue here, both Gmail and Yahoo are random for me, and I have its set to send as they are received.
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    Its working well for me for 3 IMAP accounts that all support IDLE (including 2 gmail and one personal). Some things I've noticed though:

    - the new entries that come down through IDLE pop as alerts/notifications on the screen
    - when I next open the mailbox it takes a moment to load the new messages
    - I have to manually "sync" on the pre to get any status changes from the IMAP server that I've changed on other computers/devices. For example, if I read a message on my desktop, it won't show as read on the Pre until I hit the little sync icon.

    I wish the Pre would automatically update the status, but I always seem to get mail notifications "pushed" to me instantly after they come into the server which is the most important part.

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