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    How can I import my Pre contacts into Outlook?

    i.e. Pre ------> Outlook

    not: Outlook ------> Pre

    I use the beta version of Pocket Mirror from Chapura, which does a great job transferring from Outlook to my pre. However, Chapura claims to offer a 2-way Sync. It does not! I've also tried using my Exchange Server. NO LUCK!

    I have about 5,000 email addresses in my Pre that I cannot transfer to my Outlook! Is there any way to go backwards???

    Are these contacts locked in my SPRINT device FOREVER???

    When I had a blackberry, I constantly used the one-way sync from device to computer. That's how I dumped all of my contacts on my new device.

    I constantly update contacts in my phone as I'm on the go, receiving email addresses, phone numbers, etc. However, I use my laptop computer to send most of my emails. The larger keyboard comes in handy, and the Pre fails miserably at (quickly) sending emails to multiple recipients. So, when it's time to SEND these emails, I am forced to scroll through my pre contacts and type the addressees out letter by letter.

    Surely, there's a better way!
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    Are those 5,000 email addresses in the "Outlook" account or in the "Palm Profile"? If they are in the Palm Profile they won't sync and I don't know how to move them from the PP to the Outlook profile.
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    wondering same thing.i synced from outlook without losing any previous contacts in pre,,which was great,,but outlook is not updated with pre contacts,,being that i have been completely unsuccessful at sending contacts up to google,,this worries me,that with this phone im going to have to back up all new numbers with pen ands paper??
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    See the Backup Your Pre link for how to do this.

    I sync Pre --> Google --> (CompanionLink) --> Outlook

    The folks at CompanionLink walked me through every step. Plus CompanionLink set up some important things like accidentally deleting an entry in the Palm does not delete the entry in Outlook. But deleting in Outlook does clean it off of the Pre.

    - Craig
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    I've used with some success.

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